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The Construction Contractors Board was created in 1971 as the Builders Board and is responsible for safeguarding the security and property of the citizens of Oregon by preventing and resolving construction contracting problems and by insuring contractors’ compliance with the law. The board administers the Oregon Contractors Law that provides for licensing of residential and commercial construction contractors, subcontractors and home inspectors; investigation and adjudication of complaints filed against licensees; and assessment of sanctions against unlawful contractors. The board tests applicants on a 16-hour course in construction laws and business practices. The board also engages in education activities aimed at preventing construction problems, resolving disputes and promoting a competitive business environment.   Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) The CCB DRS assists consumers, contractors and others in resolving their construction disputes. The CCB receives several hundred complaints each month. A dispute may be filed by

  • A property owner alleging breach of contract, negligent or improper work
  • An employee alleging nonpayment of wages
  • A supplier alleging nonpayment for materials
  • One contractor against another, for breach of contract, negligent or improper work, or nonpayment.

Click here  for more information on DRS.   Enforcement The mission of the CCB Enforcement Section is to: “Provide an effective deterrent to illegal activity in the construction industry.” The program seeks to achieve this mission by timely investigation of all allegations of unlicensed and illegal activity on construction sites in Oregon. We concentrate enforcement resources on allegations of:

  • Unlicensed activity,
  • Theft by deception (fraud), and
  • Identity theft.

The Enforcement Section acts on complaints filed with the CCB, referrals from law enforcement and regulatory agencies, and upon information obtained while monitoring the Oregon construction industry.  The section has broad investigatory powers, including the authority to subpoena documents and testimony. The section may take administrative, civil or criminal action against persons or entities that violate Oregon Contractor Licensing Laws (ORS 701), and can also suspend or revoke a license to work as a contractor in Oregon. Click here  for more information on the CCB Enforcement program.   Licensing Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). This includes roofing, siding, painting, carpentry, concrete, on-site appliance repair, heating and air conditioning, home inspections, tree service, plumbing, electrical, floor covering, manufactured dwelling installation, land development, and most other construction and repair services. There are a few limited exceptions, including the employees of an owner or contractor.Click here  for more information on Licensing.   Contractor Education New CCB licensees must complete a 16-hour training on laws and business practices and pass a state test. Click here for information on the CCB training and test. CB-certified home inspectors are required to complete 30 hours of CEUs to renew their certification every two years. Other schools and trade associations offer optimal trade and other training courses that are not required by the CCB but can be very beneficial to a contractor’s business. Click here for more information on the Home Inspector program.  Consumer Education Most home construction projects are completed without difficulties. The CCB Consumer Education provides helpful information on selecting a licensed contractor and business, complaint and enforcement history on licensed contractors. Click here for our Consumer Help page.   For information from the Construction Contractors Board of Oregon (CCB), click the link below.