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4 days ago
Win-R Insulation Inc - Home

Today's featured member is Win-R Insulation, Inc.
CCB# 51130, CA Lic# 651499

Their company name may say insulation, but that's not all they do! The pros over at Win-R can also help you with Doors, ... See more


6 days ago
Winema Electric, Inc

Today's featured member is Winema Electric Inc.
CCB #2467 CA Lic #391729
(OR Electrical License: 18-32C)

Excellent service and a high commitment to safety have propelled Winema Electric along for ... See more

We believe that safety enhances productivity and keeping our employees happy and healthy is our first priority. Learn more about our commitment to safety here.

1 week ago
NAHB Calls on Congress to Cut Regulation

NAHB Calls on Congress to Cut Regulation

The NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index found only 61% of new and existing homes were affordable to a typical household. The current homeownership ... See more

More than half (53%) of buyers actively searching for a home in Q1 2019 have been looking for three months or longer, cite high home prices as the main barrier to making a purchase.

1 week ago
Fully rotating house built in Italian countryside

How would you like to live in a house that can rotate to change the view based on your desire?

A house was built in Italy that can do just that!

Architect Roberto Rossi has completed a house in northern Italy that can rotate 360 degrees

1 week ago
Oregon communities cannot afford cap-and-trade bill - Oppose HB 2020

Our friends over at Klamath County Chamber of Commerce have allowed us to share some information they recently posted. (The link below can be used by Chamber and non-Chamber members.)

Please, take ... See more

HB 2020A is scheduled to move out of Joint Ways and Means this week, and it's important that legislators continue to hear from local businesses about the real concerns with HB 2020—specifically ... See more

1 week ago
Washington Federal

Today's featured member is Washington Federal

Washington Federal started in 1917 in a small fishing/lumber community north of Seattle. They are a national bank with small town roots in eight western ... See more

From growing your business to finding a mortgage for your dream home, Washington Federal is there for you. Visit us online or one of our 200+ locations.

1 week ago
Get The Biggest Bang for Your Buck with This Home Renovation Checklist

Think back to when you bought your home - what was the major selling point that made you go "this is it"?

If you are in the market, would a newly updated bathroom or kitchen be your deciding item? ... See more

If you want to focus your renovation on areas that can deliver the biggest return on your investment, follow this home renovation checklist. We’re highlighting some of the top improvements you can ... See more

1 week ago
United Mechanical Contractors - United Mechanical Contractors

Today's featured member is United Mechanical Contractors CCB# 29285

Since 1979 the family-owned UMC has been keeping businesses and homes in the Basin comfortable despite Mother Nature's ... See more

2 weeks ago
Scammers manipulate caller ID. Here are the best ways to block robocalls.

We all hate those annoying calls that come in (lately, we've seen ones coming from "Mauritania" with a +222 number). The FCC and Congress are working on it, but the problem is so widespread it is ... See more

You can't trust caller ID ... so how to do you stop the incessant ringing?

2 weeks ago
More Millennials Think Home Before Matrimony

Which came first in your family - doorbells or marriage bells?

SunTrust finds 48% of married millennials owned a home before they married.

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